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To send the package we use Express mail service (EMS) delivery services and Internasional Fast Packages (CP) . By the way international shipping is used through the Pos Indonesia office, in sending the package we need a little longer but we will try to complete the shipping documents so you can receive the package safely .

how long is the delivery time ?

-Express Mail System (EMS ) 7-9 business days (whole word)

-International Fast Packages (CP) 9-12 business days

Note : for delivery time can be more than the information we provided above, due to several factors: due to natural disasters in transit areas, over load packages and others

As long as we are contacted before your order leaves our warehouse (before 2PM PST) we are able to change your delivery address. Please submit a ticket with your full name, order number, email address, and the new shipping address. You would like your order sent to.

Once received we will update your order to reflect the new delivery address.

if the tracking has come out and you want to change the address, we will try to help you by contacting the shipping office that we use, but we cannot confirm that the address can be changed if the package is in transit, a very fatal error is if you write wrong zip code, city and country. we recommend filling in your address must be more thorough.

– All Magic Tree  orders are both processed and shipped same-day, Monday through Friday, as long as they are placed before 2pmPST.

Orders placed on Saturday are processed and shipped same-day when placed before 12pmPST

When will I get a tracking number?

– booking every Monday – Friday takes 1-2 days we will provide tracking

And for bookings on holidays (Saturday and Sunday) takes 3 days for tracking because we can send packages on the following Monday.

We will try to immediately provide tracking to you and when we have it we will send it via email to you.

Unfortunately, delays do happen every once in a while, and most of the time it is out of our control. If a delay does happen, please contact us and we will try and resolve it for you, however, EMS Courier should be your first point of contact in these cases.

If the package delivery period to you and the package is held by customs there, we have a policy and strive to make you not lose your money safely even though before we know the current status of Kratom, immediately contact us via email, we will give a discount of 50 % for shipping the next order.

In the case where a package says delivered to the right address, but the customer has not received, we recommend that the customer asks others at the residence first. It is very common for another person in the household to have received the package – so please check with anyone else living at the residence first. In rare cases, a neighbor may also accidentally have the package. These are common issues, but in rare cases, USPS may know more information if there was a mistake on their end so it is recommended to call them. If you have exhausted these options, please message customer support to assist.


Yes and no. As we have an enormous customer database and ship hundreds of orders every day, we go through inventory very quickly. Given this, sometimes the batches of powder we receive can be different in color, as this is due to the harvest of leaves. This is simply due to nature and is out of our control. Not to worry, we guarantee our powder to be fresh and consistent in quality every batch we receive. Every batch received is quality tested as we have an impeccable reputation in this industry to maintain. Rest assured we will always be consistent in maintaining quality.

All products we sell come from various regions in Indonesia

Currently, kratom is legal on a federal level in the USA but is regulated in various states, counties, and cities. Kratom continues to be controversial, so naturally, laws are continually being changed as new legislation is being proposed in various jurisdictions.  We do not guarantee this section to be up-to-date even though we try to keep on updating it regularly. Therefore, we recommend due diligence on the part of our customers when checking legality in their respective areas.


Banned List (updated June, 7th 2018)






Rhode Island

Washington D.C.


Sarasota County (Florida)

San Diego (California)

Jerseyville (Illinois)

Denver (Colorado)


Legal Rest of world:


Kratom is legal in Canada, however it cannot be marketed for any use of which its ingested.



Kratom is not recognized as a controlled drug, and not an offense to possess, however any sale of Kratom is prohibited under the psychoactive substances act 2016.



Kratom is legal in Belgium and can be purchased freely without a prescription.



Kratom is legal in Brazil and widely accepted, kratom products of all manner are widely sold by vendors nationwide.



Kratom is legal in France and not recognized as a controlled drug, its perfectly legal to purchase and possess.



Kratom is legal in Greece and can be purchased freely nationwide.



Kratom is legal in the Netherlands and by far the biggest supplier in Europe, kratom can be purchased freely nationwide.



Kratom is legal in hungary so far as its not marketed for human consumption.



Kratom is legal in Italy and can be bought nationwide.



Kratom is legal in Austria and can be freely bought and sold in shops.


Illegal rest of world: Australia, Burma, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Malaysia, Myramar, Poland, Romania, South Africa, Sweden, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Yes, we work closely with the food lab to test for alkaloid content as well as contaminants. We do our best product updates with this information and each product label containing a lot number for reference, with a note that checking the batches with lab testing can not always be 100% accurate as it only tests a small sample size of each batch.

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